dpctl.tensor.linspace(start, stop, num, dtype=None, device=None, endpoint=True, sycl_queue=None, usm_type='device')[source]

Returns dpctl.tensor.usm_ndarray array populated with evenly spaced numbers of specified interval.

  • start – the start of the interval.

  • stop – the end of the interval. If the endpoint is False, the function generates num+1 evenly spaced points starting with start and ending with stop and exclude the stop from the returned array such that the returned array consists of evenly spaced numbers over the half-open interval [start, stop). If endpoint is True, the output array consists of evenly spaced numbers over the closed interval [start, stop]. Default: True

  • num (int) – number of samples. Must be a non-negative integer; otherwise, the function raises ValueError exception.

  • dtype – output array data type. Should be a floating data type. If dtype is None, the output array must be the default floating point data type for target device. Default: None

  • device (optional) – array API concept of device where the output array is created. device can be None, a oneAPI filter selector string, an instance of dpctl.SyclDevice corresponding to a non-partitioned SYCL device, an instance of dpctl.SyclQueue, or a dpctl.tensor.Device object returned by dpctl.tensor.usm_ndarray.device. Default: None

  • usm_type ("device", "shared", "host", optional) – The type of SYCL USM allocation for the output array. Default: "device"

  • sycl_queue (dpctl.SyclQueue, optional) – The SYCL queue to use for output array allocation and copying. sycl_queue and device are complementary arguments, i.e. use one or another. If both are specified, a TypeError is raised unless both imply the same underlying SYCL queue to be used. If both are None, a cached queue targeting default-selected device is used for allocation and population. Default: None

  • endpoint – boolean indicating whether to include stop in the interval. Default: True


Array populated with evenly spaced numbers in the requested interval.

Return type: