usm_ndarray.__dlpack__(*, stream=None, max_version=None, dl_device=None, copy=None)

Produces DLPack capsule.

  • stream (dpctl.SyclQueue, optional) – Execution queue to synchronize with. If None, synchronization is not performed. Default: None.

  • max_version (tuple[int, int], optional) – The maximum DLPack version the consumer (caller of __dlpack__) supports. As __dlpack__ may not always return a DLPack capsule with version max_version, the consumer must verify the version even if this argument is passed. Default: None.

  • dl_device (tuple[enum.Enum, int], optional) – The device the returned DLPack capsule will be placed on. The device must be a 2-tuple matching the format of __dlpack_device__ method, an integer enumerator representing the device type followed by an integer representing the index of the device. Default: None.

  • copy (bool, optional) –

    Boolean indicating whether or not to copy the input.

    • If copy is True, the input will always be copied.

    • If False, a BufferError will be raised if a copy is deemed necessary.

    • If None, a copy will be made only if deemed necessary, otherwise, the existing memory buffer will be reused.

    Default: None.

  • MemoryError – when host memory can not be allocated.

  • DLPackCreationError – when array is allocated on a partitioned SYCL device, or with a non-default context.

  • BufferError – when a copy is deemed necessary but copy is False or when the provided dl_device cannot be handled.