Info.dtypes(*, device=None, kind=None)[source]

Returns a dictionary of all Array API data types of a specified kind supported by device.

This dictionary only includes data types supported by the Python Array API specification.

  • device (Optional[dpctl.SyclDevice, dpctl.SyclQueue, dpctl.tensor.Device, str]) – array API concept of device used in getting default data types. device can be None (in which case the default device is used), an instance of dpctl.SyclDevice corresponding to a non-partitioned SYCL device, an instance of dpctl.SyclQueue, or a dpctl.tensor.Device object returned by dpctl.tensor.usm_ndarray.device. Default: None.

  • kind (Optional[str, Tuple[str, ...]]) –

    data type kind.

    • if kind is None, returns a dictionary of all data types supported by device

    • if kind is a string, returns a dictionary containing the data types belonging to the data type kind specified.


      • "bool"

      • "signed integer"

      • "unsigned integer"

      • "integral"

      • "real floating"

      • "complex floating"

      • "numeric"

    • if kind is a tuple, the tuple represents a union of kind strings, and returns a dictionary containing data types corresponding to the-specified union.

    Default: None.


a dictionary of the supported data types of the specified kind

Return type: