SyclQueue.submit(kernel, args, gS, lS=None, dEvents=None)

Submit dpctl.program.SyclKernel for execution.

  • kernel (dpctl.program.SyclKernel) – SYCL kernel object

  • args (List[object]) – List of kernel arguments

  • gS (List[int]) – Global iteration range. Must be a list of length 1, 2, or 3.

  • lS (List[int], optional) – Local iteration range. Must be None or have the same length as gS and each element of gS must be divisible by respective element of lS.

  • dEvents (List[dpctl.SyclEvent], optional) – List of events indicating ordering of this task relative to tasks associated with specified events.


An event which is always complete. May be ignored.

Return type:



dpctl.SyclQueue.submit() is a synchronizing method. Use dpctl.SyclQueue.submit_async() to avoid synchronization.