Dictionary encoding information about USM allocation.

Contains the following fields:

  • "data" (Tuple[int, bool])

    unified address space pointer presented as Python integer and a Boolean value of ‘writable’ flag. If False the allocation is read-only. The return flag is always set to writable.

  • "shape" (Tuple[int])

    Extent of array in bytes. Shape is always 1-tuple for this object.

  • "strides" (Options[Tuple[int]])

    Strides describing array layout, or None if allocation is C-contiguous. Always None.

  • "typestr" (str)

    Typestring encoding values of allocation. This field is always set to "|u1" representing unsigned bytes.

  • "version" (int)

    Always 1.

  • "syclobj" (dpctl.SyclQueue)

    Queue associated with this class instance.