Apply function func group-wise and combine the results together.

The function passed to apply must take a dataframe as its first argument and return a DataFrame, Series or scalar. apply will then take care of combining the results back together into a single dataframe or series. apply is therefore a highly flexible grouping method.

While apply is a very flexible method, its downside is that using it can be quite a bit slower than using more specific methods like agg or transform. Pandas offers a wide range of method that will be much faster than using apply for their specific purposes, so try to use them before reaching for apply.

param func

A callable that takes a dataframe as its first argument, and returns a dataframe, a series or a scalar. In addition the callable may take positional and keyword arguments. args, kwargs : tuple and dict Optional positional and keyword arguments to pass to func.


applied : Series or DataFrame


This feature is currently unsupported by Intel Scalable Dataframe Compiler