Concatenate strings in the Series/Index with given separator.

If others is specified, this function concatenates the Series/Index and elements of others element-wise. If others is not passed, then all values in the Series/Index are concatenated into a single string with a given sep.

param others
Series, Index, DataFrame, np.ndarray or list-like

Series, Index, DataFrame, np.ndarray (one- or two-dimensional) and other list-likes of strings must have the same length as the calling Series/Index, with the exception of indexed objects (i.e. Series/Index/DataFrame) if join is not None.

If others is a list-like that contains a combination of Series, Index or np.ndarray (1-dim), then all elements will be unpacked and must satisfy the above criteria individually.

If others is None, the method returns the concatenation of all strings in the calling Series/Index.

param sep
str, default ‘’

The separator between the different elements/columns. By default the empty string ‘’ is used.

param na_rep
str or None, default None

Representation that is inserted for all missing values:

  • If na_rep is None, and others is None, missing values in the

    Series/Index are omitted from the result.

  • If na_rep is None, and others is not None, a row containing a

    missing value in any of the columns (before concatenation) will have a missing value in the result.

param join
{‘left’, ‘right’, ‘outer’, ‘inner’}, default None

Determines the join-style between the calling Series/Index and any Series/Index/DataFrame in others (objects without an index need to match the length of the calling Series/Index). If None, alignment is disabled, but this option will be removed in a future version of pandas and replaced with a default of ‘left’. To disable alignment, use .values on any Series/Index/DataFrame in others.

New in version 0.23.0.


str, Series or Index If others is None, str is returned, otherwise a Series/Index (same type as caller) of objects is returned.


This feature is currently unsupported by Intel Scalable Dataframe Compiler