Stack the prescribed level(s) from columns to index.

Return a reshaped DataFrame or Series having a multi-level index with one or more new inner-most levels compared to the current DataFrame. The new inner-most levels are created by pivoting the columns of the current dataframe:

  • if the columns have a single level, the output is a Series;

  • if the columns have multiple levels, the new index

    level(s) is (are) taken from the prescribed level(s) and the output is a DataFrame.

The new index levels are sorted.

param level
int, str, list, default -1

Level(s) to stack from the column axis onto the index axis, defined as one index or label, or a list of indices or labels.

param dropna
bool, default True

Whether to drop rows in the resulting Frame/Series with missing values. Stacking a column level onto the index axis can create combinations of index and column values that are missing from the original dataframe. See Examples section.


DataFrame or Series Stacked dataframe or series.


This feature is currently unsupported by Intel Scalable Dataframe Compiler