Print a concise summary of a DataFrame.

This method prints information about a DataFrame including the index dtype and column dtypes, non-null values and memory usage.

param verbose
bool, optional

Whether to print the full summary. By default, the setting in pandas.options.display.max_info_columns is followed.

param buf
writable buffer, defaults to sys.stdout

Where to send the output. By default, the output is printed to sys.stdout. Pass a writable buffer if you need to further process the output.

param max_cols
int, optional

When to switch from the verbose to the truncated output. If the DataFrame has more than max_cols columns, the truncated output is used. By default, the setting in pandas.options.display.max_info_columns is used.

param memory_usage
bool, str, optional

Specifies whether total memory usage of the DataFrame elements (including the index) should be displayed. By default, this follows the pandas.options.display.memory_usage setting.

True always show memory usage. False never shows memory usage. A value of ‘deep’ is equivalent to “True with deep introspection”. Memory usage is shown in human-readable units (base-2 representation). Without deep introspection a memory estimation is made based in column dtype and number of rows assuming values consume the same memory amount for corresponding dtypes. With deep memory introspection, a real memory usage calculation is performed at the cost of computational resources.

param null_counts
bool, optional

Whether to show the non-null counts. By default, this is shown only if the frame is smaller than pandas.options.display.max_info_rows and pandas.options.display.max_info_columns. A value of True always shows the counts, and False never shows the counts.


None This method prints a summary of a DataFrame and returns None.


This feature is currently unsupported by Intel Scalable Dataframe Compiler