Remove missing values.

See the User Guide for more on which values are considered missing, and how to work with missing data.

param axis
{0 or ‘index’, 1 or ‘columns’}, default 0

Determine if rows or columns which contain missing values are removed.

  • 0, or ‘index’ : Drop rows which contain missing values.

  • 1, or ‘columns’ : Drop columns which contain missing value.

Deprecated since version 0.23.0.

Pass tuple or list to drop on multiple axes. Only a single axis is allowed.

param how
{‘any’, ‘all’}, default ‘any’

Determine if row or column is removed from DataFrame, when we have at least one NA or all NA.

  • ‘any’ : If any NA values are present, drop that row or column.

  • ‘all’ : If all values are NA, drop that row or column.

param thresh
int, optional

Require that many non-NA values.

param subset
array-like, optional

Labels along other axis to consider, e.g. if you are dropping rows these would be a list of columns to include.

param inplace
bool, default False

If True, do operation inplace and return None.


DataFrame DataFrame with NA entries dropped from it.


This feature is currently unsupported by Intel Scalable Dataframe Compiler