Convert TimeSeries to specified frequency.

Optionally provide filling method to pad/backfill missing values.

Returns the original data conformed to a new index with the specified frequency. resample is more appropriate if an operation, such as summarization, is necessary to represent the data at the new frequency.

param freq

DateOffset object, or string

param method
{‘backfill’/’bfill’, ‘pad’/’ffill’}, default None

Method to use for filling holes in reindexed Series (note this does not fill NaNs that already were present):

  • ‘pad’ / ‘ffill’: propagate last valid observation forward to next


  • ‘backfill’ / ‘bfill’: use NEXT valid observation to fill

param how
{‘start’, ‘end’}, default end

For PeriodIndex only, see PeriodIndex.asfreq

param normalize
bool, default False

Whether to reset output index to midnight

param fill_value
scalar, optional

Value to use for missing values, applied during upsampling (note this does not fill NaNs that already were present).

New in version 0.20.0.


converted : same type as caller


This feature is currently unsupported by Intel Scalable Dataframe Compiler